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Watcha Wearin’ January-Week 3 – WBM Daisy Top



We are on week three of the Watcha Wearin’ January Blog Tour. I hope you have been enjoying the great posts that all of the bloggers have been sharing and looking at all of the wonderful me-made clothing! I know I am getting lots of ideas 😉

If you haven’t enter the for a chance to win some great prizes, the info and links are at he end of this post.


When I heard that Wardrobe by Me was releasing their Curvy Daisy dropped shoulder blouse, I knew that today’s post would be about my Daisy tops.

My first experience with the Daisy was this past summer when I tested the Frida Flat Front Shorts. The Daisy paired up very nicely with the shorts and I layered it over the Carma Cami, which is also from Wardrobe by Me.

Line drawing of the Curvy Daisy Top

There are a lot of things to appreciate about this pattern. First off, it is very quick to sew one of these up. Some of the options on the pattern include:

*can be sewn in woven or knit
*two necklines, rounded scoop or v-neck
*two neckline finishes, facing or rib
*two sleeve options, short and long
*two hem options, straight or curved
*sizing is from 2 to 16

The Curvy Daisy has the same options but is made specifically for sizes 14 to 24 and has bust darts to created a better fit for those women that have all of those beautiful curves 😉



The top I made in the summer was obviously the short sleeved version. I also chose to the faced round scoop neck with a curved hem. I used a thin knit that doesn’t have a great amount of stretch. I love all of the colours in this fabric, as I can pair it with almost everything in my autumn coloured wardrobe.





For winter, I like to wear this over top of one of the many turtlenecks I own. Some of them are the Trudy Turtlenecks I blogged about here(also from Wardrobe by Me) and some are organic cotton ones I picked up at a lovely shop that is now out of business 😦





Layering as much as I do over turtlenecks may seem odd, but you have to understand that I was mistakenly born in the wrong hemisphere so I do what I have to to stay warm!







For my winter Daisy, I made it in a very thin, loose weave knit. This fabric is very tricky to work with in the cutting stage. My cutting mat has a slightly rough surface so that helps to keep the fabric from slipping around while cutting. I laid it out on the mat and smoothed it out while making sure the grainlines lined up with the gridlines. I didn’t even attempt to cut on the fold because it would have shifted too much. I cut one side of the pieces that needed to be folded and then using pins as guides, I flipped over the pattern piece and cut the other side. They came out perfect!




I lengthened the sleeves by 2″ because I didn’t want to have a separate cuff. I also lengthened the bodice by 4″. I am 3 inches taller than what this pattern is drafted for, but I also wanted to have it a bit longer than my summer top. Normally I would only add on an inch or two, depending on the pattern.





Remember when I said this is a quick sew? This one took me almost 2 hours to complete, but it could have been done in half that time. I ended up doing Hog Kong seams because the last garment I made with this fabric I wasn’t totally happy with how my seams looked when done. A Hong Kong seam is basically like sewing each seam 3 times, but I am happy with how it looks on the inside, even though no one else will be able to see it. It is one of those indulgences I like to do for myself once in a while 🙂




I had to get creative with the neckline, sleeve and bottom hem finishing. I measured the neckline opening and used that measurement to cut a piece of fusible hem-tape(+1″ so I could over-lap it a bit). Since this fabric does not hold its shape well, I wanted to make sure that the neck got finished in the same size that it was designed. I folded the neckline over the hem-tape once and ironed it in place and then top stitched to secure it in case it decides come loose after washing.






I am really happy with how this turned out! I can wear it on its own or layered over a turtleneck for extra warmth. I am going to make a game out of how many things I can find to wear over a turtleneck, until someone moves me to a warmer climate, that is!!! We have to bloom where we are planted so that is how I am going to make the best of this 🙂



***This post includes affiliate links which help in a small way to supporting my pattern and fabric hoarding tendencies!***

Don’t forget to head on over to the Rafflecopter if you haven’t already done so and enter to win one of the great prize packages and head on over to join the linky party for even more prizes! You can add a link to the linky party every day for extra chances to win!

Tibeca, the host of this blog tour has created a handy little tutorial that explains how to enter the linky party if it is something new to you!

And check out this week’s round up of blog posts from the other tour participants 🙂

The last 2 weeks have been amazing. I can’t wait to see what my fellow bloggers do this week. Be sure to click through to see what we’ve all been up to!

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Good luck and I will see you next week!!!


9 thoughts on “Watcha Wearin’ January-Week 3 – WBM Daisy Top

  1. I LOVE versatile patterns. The ones you can use over and over and just love wearing. And taking the time to finish our seams (even when no one will see) is a great indulgence. 😉

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I find it funny that when you Google layering and turtleneck, it makes it sound like it is a relatively new fashion trend. Those of us who live in the Great White North know better 😉

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