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Watcha Wearin January- Week Two


Welcome back to my second instalment in the Watcha Wearin’ January blog tour! Make sure to read all the way to the end to enter to win one of two great prize packages!


This is a snapshot of what the next few days in my world will look like. And when it gets to -30C, add in the windchill it will look more like -40C!!! I was part of a wardrobe challenge late last year where the goal was to build a wardrobe for winter in your region, so of course mine needed to be warm.

I thought I would share with all of you what I made. There isn’t a day that has gone by in which I haven’t worn at least one me-made item, thanks in large part to the seasonal pieces I sewed for the wardrobe challenge.img_3532

The first piece for my wardrobe challenge is the Willow Kimono from Designer Stitch patterns. You will notice a recurring theme. Winter had started so I layered the kimono with a turtleneck to keep me warm! Turtlenecks, as you will see, play a major role in my wardrobe! The kimono is great as it adds a great splash of style as well as being functional and giving another layer of warmth!





Next on the list is my beautiful jewel-toned Ziggy Hoodie and Urban Joggers from Wardrobe by Me. I wrote about these in my previous blog post and they can’t be beat for comfort, style and warmth!





Next up, my reversible Willa vest from Laela Jeyne patterns. It has a warm and cozy fleece fabric on one side and a windproof outerwear fabric on the other. The top I am wearing is the Koerbs Basic T pattern, but since I had made it last spring, it didn’t qualify for the challenge.





The next two me-mades were the Love Notions Willow Wrap top, which I decided to make sleeveless. I love the look of this as a vest and it looks great over top of the Trudy Turtlenecks. I also finally got around to making myself a pair of Gazelle leggings. I had tested these for The Willow and the Tree with my daughter as the model but never got around to making myself a pair. What was I thinking waiting so long for these!




This winter capsule would not be what it is without my collection of Trudy Turtlenecks! I can layer them with pretty much everything I have made or have purchased. Since our weather has been so nasty this winter, I wear a different one of these pretty much every day! You can read my review of the Trudy Turtleneck here.





The last piece of my capsule was a tunic length version of the Koerbs Basic T pattern. This tunic also looks really good layered over the brick red turtleneck, so again, one more piece that I can mix and match.




This was not a capsule that I planned out in advance. It just sort of evolved and came together based on what I needed and what I had in my stash. In fact, most of the fabric that I used came out of my stash. I may, however, have a very large stash, but I think that is something most of us who sew have in common, am I right!?! I encourage you to take a shot at creating your own mini capsule wardrobe to help incorporate more me-

Thanks for joining me this week. I want encourage you to take a shot at creating your own mini capsule wardrobe to help incorporate more me-mades into your wardrobe!

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And don’t forget to clink on this link that will take you to the Rafflecopter where you can get in your entries for prize pack #1.

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To enter for prize pack #2, click here to access the Linky Party. There have actually been a couple of smaller prize packs added and these will be drawn from the links entered here. Remember that you can enter a new link everyday to increase your chances of winning!

Tibeca, the host of this blog tour has created a handy little tutorial that explains how to enter the linky party if it is something new to you!

Good luck and I will see you next week!!!


8 thoughts on “Watcha Wearin January- Week Two

  1. Staying warm is SO important. We’ve been experience -40 Fahrenheit so I literally feel your cold pain. Layers are definitely key and I love your round up! If you haven’t already, you might want to try out the Sierra Pullover. It is the perfect outer layer AND you can add pockets!

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