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Itch to Stitch Cape Cod Capelet PDF Pattern Release


I recently tested the new Cape Cod Capelet pattern from Itch to Stitch and this is one of those patterns that is so quick to make and so fun to wear that it really is easy to make more than one. I made two but only because I had another project that needed my attention or there would have been at least one more!


For my first one, I used a mystery fabric(why do fabric stores like to taunt me with pretty fabric but no content labels!) with this cool faux snakeskin print on it. If I had to guess, I would say it is cotton with a small amount of lycra in it. It is light weight and has a very nice drape to it.  I made it in a size medium and did no other alterations to it.Technically I could have made the size small but I was on the high end of the size range and I wanted to be able to have it a bit on the longer and looser side so I went up to the next size and I am quite happy with the fit.


I really wanted to make a second one since the first one was such a hit. There was a cold snap expected in the next couple of days of -20 Celsius, though. At 3 Celsius, I noticed the first capelet took the chill off when I had to make a quick trip to the bins in the lane but it wouldn’t cut it in -20. I looked through my stash and found the last bits of the lime green french terry. I did take a test run in -20 and I did survive for a quick run out and back!


The chartreuse green fabric is a heavy french terry and it does not have much stretch at all so this one was going to be off the official testing because I would have to make some changes to make it work. First off, I decided to lengthen it 2″ since the goal was to have something to keep me warm. Second, I had to make the cowl piece bigger. Since there is very little stretch, I measured the circumference of my head to determine how long the pattern piece would need to be to be able to slip over my head. The neck opening didn’t need any adjusting as the cowl piece would normally be eased into the neckline so there was some room to play with.


I love the longer length of the back. One change that was made that is not reflected in mine is that the final pattern had a bit of length added to the front. The other thing I love is how the capelet is tacked together below the arm, at the edge of the hem. It keeps the garment from falling forward when doing things like washing up the dishes. That is a detail that I really love but Kennis always seams to pay attention to all the little details!

I have had quite a few compliments on my capelets so this pattern is a definite win in my books. As you can see in my photos, the snow is falling and it looks like it is here to stay so the green capelet will keep me warm until April or May and then I can pull out my lighter snakeskin one again.

Until next time,

Happy Making!


The Cape Cod Capelet from Itch to Stitch Patterns


skill level:

–Floppy cowl
-Raglan seam lines
-Roomy, elbow-length sleeves
-High-low hem
-Designed for knit fabric

pattern details:
-layered options for printing only the size(s) you need
-printable on A4 and Letter paper
-A0 print shop format
-trim  pdf pattern assembly

suggested fabric
-Use light to medium-weight knit fabric with 25%-100% stretch and good recovery. Sweater knit, French terry and jersey are good choices.
-I used 1.4 meters for the size medium capelet.


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