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New Release ~ Men’s Chino Pants from Wardrobe by Me

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0064

Thanks to this new pattern from Wardrobe by Me, hubby gets a new pair of pants! I was part of the testing team for the Men’s Chino Pants* (affiliate link) and I am really impressed that I was able to make a pair of men’s pants and the first pair turned out amazing and required no tweaking at all!

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0019

They have a narrower lower leg that is a switch from the bootcut style that he has worn for pretty much his whole life and I am not gonna lie…he was a bit skeptical. I figured if he didn’t like them, I have a son who is the same size and loves this style. But is appears that hubby has declared these a “win” and he will be keeping them! (Sorry, son!)

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0056.JPG

They have slant pockets on the front and two welt pockets on the rear and they will provide sufficient space for all the paraphernalia that men like to have handy at all times…or is it just my man that does this???

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0070

The Chinos are designed to be made in any bottom weight woven fabric but I actually made these in this great suiting type material that has a bit of lycra in it, giving it a wee bit of stretch, and it is super soft! I had picked up this piece at the thrift store and it was lovingly serged on the ends already, which tells me that whoever had it before me was meticulous about their pre-washing habits and wanted to ensure that no funny stuff happened while being pre-washed. And this fabric washes up beautifully!

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0067

I decided to go with a size 33, as that is the size that hubby is in ready-to-wear, and his measurements seemed to match up with the 33″ WBM sizing chart spot on. The pants are designed with a generous 32″ leg so I took 2″ off since hubby’s inseam is 30″.

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0032

Lengthwise, the Chinos can be worn anywhere from just hitting the ankles, having them extra long and leaving them in a relaxed fit, or taking the extra fabric and folding it up cuff style. I don’t want to do any copyright infringement, but this is a link to a Google search and you can see some of the variations that come up. But be forwarned***you will be tempted to make ALL the chinos!!!***

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0068

The pattern is rated as a 3 out of 4 skill level due to the front fly zipper and the welt pockets. If you aren’t thinking you are up to this level yet, this would be a perfect pattern to upgrade your skills. Practice the zipper and welts on scrap fabric first and if you have any trouble, Christina has some step by step blog posts and you can also join the Wardrobe by Me Facebook group and get some help if you get stuck.  If I have convinced you that you, too, need to make all the chinos, pick up your copy today. It will be on sale for the next few days at the release price and if you want to support this blogger and her love of all the pretty fabric, you can use my affiliate link(at no additional cost to you) and get started on making your own Wardrobe by Me Men’s Chino Pants!*


Wardrobe by Me Men’s Chino Pants*

27″ to 36″ waist (corresponds to rtw sizes not actual waist measurement)
skill level:
3 out of 4
-slanted front pockets
-two back welt pockets
-front fly zipper
-straight waistband with belt loops
pattern details:
-layered options for printing only the size(s) you need
-printable on A4 and Letter paper
-A0 print shop format
-trimless pdf pattern assembly
-bottom weight sturdy type cotton, linen, rib-stop, canvas, denim or other traditional pant weight fabric. Fabric may include lycra, but it’s not required

Chino_pants_line drawing

WBM Chinos Promo 2018_0028

9 thoughts on “New Release ~ Men’s Chino Pants from Wardrobe by Me

  1. The chinos are lovely, and expertly sewn: love the front pocket stitching. I would shorten the legs so there’s only a bit of a break, but to each their own. Well done!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, my short stint of two years working in men’s tailoring were nagging me about the leg length, but alas, I had a short window of opportunity to get pictures taken before that could be dealt with. You have a very good eye!

  2. Hi
    I’ve just bought this pattern as I love it!
    According to the pattern sizing info, the finished pattern waist size is 2” less than the actual waist measurement. Is there really 2” of negative ease in them?


    1. It is a great pattern and I am so glad you are happy with it!
      I think it has something to do with the fact that the waist on the pants is not the same as where the waist is measured. It might be a good idea to reach out to Christina from Wardrobe by Me on Facebook and she can better answer this question.

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