Watcha’ Wearin’ January-Week 4

Week 4 of the Watcha Wearin’ January Bog Tour was a slower paced one for me. If you already know a bit about me, you know that I am challenged with a chronic illness that pops into my life now and then and I have to weather the storm and pick up the pieces afterwards. Sewing this week came to a screeching halt for a couple of days, and then I slowly took small bits of time to work on a couple of pattern tests I was finishing up with. So today, I will share some goodies I picked up at the fabric store last weekend and what my plans are for them!


I was in the market for some heavier bottom weight fabric. I have a lot of fabric in my stash for tops and dresses, but not so much for pants and skirts. I found this fabric called a winter jersey and it is 70% viscose, 25% nylon and 5% elasthane. I am thinking that this would be nice for the Alyse Taper Leg Pant from Designer Stitch or I may use this for an upcoming test I am working on.


winter jersey

I was thrilled to find this lace that has a bit of stretch, but check out the built in fringe! All I have to do is cut off the bottom band and I have fringe!!! This will make my next Willow Kimono from Designer Stitch a breeze! (Here is the link to the first one I did). I am also thinking I would love to do another Georgia Dress using this and a light denim.


Gorgeous fringed lace!

This is a really nice caramel coloured light-weight knit. It will be perfect for another Trudy Turtleneck (see my previous ones here) or I would love to try the Wardrobe Builder Tee, both of which come from Wardrobe by Me.


Light-weight caramel coloured knit.

Now this one is going to be hard to decide where it is going. This is a sheer polyester that feels like silk. The colour and design are so striking! I have been wanting to make the Julie Blouse from Designer Stitch and I think this may be perfect for it! Or maybe another Bridget top so I can try out one of the other sleeve options?!?


Lovely poly sheer!

This is the same winter jersey that I got in the dark brown. I am not quite sure what I will do with this one. Because I the lighter color, I find it is a bit dressier so I may be looking for a nice skirt pattern. I do have the Sybil Skirt from Love Notions that would probably look quite nice in this.


Another winter jersey!

I was excited to find a couple of nice denims. Both have a small amount of stretch, around 10%, so I am not quite sure what I can use them for. All of the patterns I currently have require at least 20% so I am open to suggestions. This colour was hard to capture but it is sort of a grayish brown and has some flecks in it.


Stretch Denim

This denim is a chocolate brown and it has a faint pinstripe through it. I am looking forward to finding something to do with them. I could do up another denim skirt, but I don’t wear those as often as pants. I really liked the Button Up Skirt from Ruffled Stitch so that is a likely contender, though.


Pin Stripe Stretch Denim.

So you can see, even when I can’t physically do much in my sewing room, that doesn’t stop my mind from creating what I will whip up next! I have had to work around my limitations, but doing so is what keeps life interesting, don’t you agree? And just like this pile of fabric holds within it an unlimited amount of possibilities, so do each and every one of our lives.


So many possibilities!

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Year in Review-2016

One year ago this week, I applied for my first pattern test for Blaverry Children’s patterns. I was so excited but there is no way I could have imagined what that one email would do. I have taken a very keen liking to pattern testing and have done 30 this year!

This is a collage of most of the tests that I took part in, from newest to oldest. It is so cool to even see how far my photography skills have come (hubby’s, too, since he helps with a lot of the shoots now!) I even signed up for a couple of online photography classes after seeing what I could do just on my own with tips from friends who know more than I do!


I didn’t blog about a lot of the patterns I tested and sewed but I want to change that in the coming year. And I will kick start that with a blog tour in January. I have never participated in one before but I had set that as a goal in the fall. This one will have give-aways and everything!

Thank you for all of your likes and comments throughout the past year. It is always great to know that someone, somewhere is actually reading what I am sharing on my small little corner of the vast cyber world!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2017!!!



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The Frida Flat Front Shorts from Wardrobe by Me Patterns


IMG_3222I recently had the opportunity to test my first ladies pattern from Wardrobe by Me. (Earlier this year I tested the men’s Rebel Raglan and you can check out that post here.) It was also an item that I hadn’t made for myself yet, and since we are in the midst of our summer here, a pair of shorts was a very welcome addition to my wardrobe.

The Frida Flat Front Shorts pattern features three different lengths; short, mid thigh and Bermuda length. I chose to do the Bermuda length for the test. I went with the length straight off of the pattern, even though I would normally lengthen pants by 1″ to 2″ because of my height. With shorts, however, there is a lot of room for interpretation on proper length, so on me, these fall between what would be a mid-thigh or Bermuda on the intended 5’7″ frame that these are drafted for. I actually like the length that they came out at and I don’t think I would change it on any subsequent pairs that I sew up. Continue reading

Sewing for the Dads and Other Men in Your Life :)


June 19, 2016 is Father’s Day and a perfect opportunity to do some sewing for the Dads (or other important men) in your life. I have been testing up a storm on quite a few pieces for myself, but I also got the chance to get in a quick sew for the man in my life.


This is the same shirt as the one below…just playing around with some filters!

The Rebel Raglan Sweater was recently released by Wardrobe by Me. I was really surprised by how easy and fast this pattern went together.

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